C-Town Weekly Ad Circular - valid 07/16-07/22/2021 (Page 4)

ctown town @actown_official fctown supermarkets weekly ad signup promos blog events ticinci arnolds whole boneless chicken breast ringer becasting chicken non gmo springer mountain farms whole chicken sweets or hots arnold's smoked sausage arnold's smoked hots thin sliced chicken breast routlets perdue fresh lean whole sliced pork shoulder fresh shady brook farms shank tt springer mountain my farms split chicken breast perdue semi-boneless perdue chuck whole steak chicken legs thin sliced shoulder steak beef for stew 80% lean ground 85% lean beef ground turkey mutton meat cut-up bole pork for stew garlic parmesan turkey meatballs pork for stew neck bones pig honest turkey feet ground turkey freirich smoked honest turkey pork butt ground turkey breast per rib premio steak boneless premio premio pure pork rib steak sweet original or bold & spicy premio luganiga sausage premio curlys curly's bbq pulled pork pulled chicken & resto & garlig pulled pork premio pure pork sausage bbo pulled chicken 499 simply seasoned al fresco ground jennie-o italan stile chicken tuy turkey burgers bisa sample stasoned u.s.d.a choice beef thin sliced chuck steak curly's abruzzese or mozzarella rustica carando meatballs alfresco alfresco tuorey seafood whava.lable eenelan style stuffed clams jade lion 31-40 cl striped pangasius fillet large shrimp fresh deli where available matlaw's large stuffed clams atlantic salmon fillet luna artica bacalao crabmeat cold cuts where available krasdale premium bacon low salt turkey cotto salami or thick meat bologna of sliced oscar encon bacon mayer turkey bologna turkey fresco speck prosciutto citterio genoa salami chub sin salami hans kissle tuna salad per con assorted vanities chorizo metallist aidells sausage asa aldelis slicing boar's head boar's head maple muenster glazed cheese honey ham ekoneycat ham charter reserve oven yellow or winite roasted great lakes mesquite american turkey cheese cole saw potato salad or boar's head sally everroast sherman chicken macaroni breast everroas salad assorted varieties boar's head lex omxcolate hummus desisehismes all natural uncured bigger than a bun nathan nathan's beef franks tekrasdale beef franks black forest ham smoked tuney applegate organic oven roasted chicken chad banking king's choice •smoked red wax gouda chicken or turkey buddig cold cuts oscar mayer lunchables macaroni & cheese 128 or sour cream & chive ba or orga bob evans mashed potatoes bob sr derklig concert lunchstes ifor organic were available farm fresh produce golden ripe pineapples seedless watermelon quarter cuts red ripe tomatoes on-the-vine usda organic extra large nectarines imported kiwi fruit green fiet glanc green segar seap assorted varieties earthbound farm salads snow peas sugar snap peas green beans cauliflower crumbles or brussels sprouts green giant cut veggies usda com giant for tropical avocados for hass avocados chine usb california red black plums robinson mixed or southern blend robinson fresh greens nepoto ready-to-use greens collard california sleeved celery for imported gala apples usda cak match great on the grill sweet yellow •bi-colored corn slices or caps giorgio portobella mushrooms mini sweet peppers idaho baking potatoes green giant vidalia onions fresh eggplant

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