C-Town Weekly Ad Circular - valid 07/30-08/05/2021 (Page 4)

ctown town actown_official fctown supermarkets weekly ad signup promos blog events boneless pork chops shoulder veal selby lobe chops frozen; original or maple smithfield breakfast sausage links 802.pkg or signature steakhouse elite burgers seslihfield perdue perdue con alen soor canu saw fox boneless thin suiced boneless veal stew for pork chops pork loin roast perdue po 30 persones 14 usda choice beef boneless thin sliced no antibiotics added ever sirlion tip steak perdue shell cubed oven steak steak stuffer roaster round cubes rooster stir fry ps program cornish or pepper steak hen 90% lean fresh shady brook farms ground italian beef seasoned springer mountain country fresh ground turkey farms boneless springer boneless chicken breast chicken tenders sugardale smoked ham thighs premio shank portion premio links or patties butt premio pure pork portion premio italian sausage pork sirloin tip neck bones london pig feet frozen broil smoked krasdale beef turkey hamburgers •wings krasdale hamburgers drumsticks krasdale necks sur bor seafood jade lion farm raised striped cooked luna artica thawed pangasius large boneless atlantic fillet shrimp imitation bacalao salmon crabmeat fillet fresh deli where available cold cuts where available tribe stella roasted garlic tetas spisy tomato boar's head slicing of red pepper healthy ones ovengold provolone tribe sabrett deli meats turkey feta dip tribe beef franks feta dip ovengoli 100% all beel beef hamburgers 21" where avaslable brett tes mette praturtea cole saw sally sherman macaroni salad stahl-meyer beef franks slicing boar's head pepper jack cheese spinach artichoke of spinach fresh creations dip sour cream chives simply mashed simpl potatoes simply potatoes new! shar boar's head sauerkraut burli sanchaut for acon classic of sabra roasted red peppet singles roasted pepper boar's head 5 roasted garlic pine nuts genoa or classic •hard sabra hummus sobra salami alyst 17 of garlic naan crisps 16 ozor stonefire naan dippers sa se regular or maple na nin krasdale turkey bacon store turkey bacon sabrett onions in sauce sabren sabrin sabrett son farm fresh produce california •golden honeydew •hami canary galia melons california specialty melons lemons tropical waxed yucca sliced or whole giorgio baby bella mushrooms usda organic green giant vidalia onions for avocados fresh florida fresh green beans new crop fresh express mature spinach fich sphere •plums full •pluots spins usda ifor extra large mangoes fresh bunched carrots mage for assorted varieties robinson fresh ready-to-use greens kale strawberries collard celen usda for hot house cucumbers for florida fresh grape florida tomatoes green fiat screens giant clane for assorted varieties green giant fresh cut veggies ter broccoli bunch usa green locally cabbage gown ifor

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