Carrs Weekly Ad Circular - valid 04/21-04/27/2021

only 2 weeks left to play this week earn carrs wn! pon monopoly berry game tickets! in prizes and money-saving offers lions fest sur whature scanadi 80%lean 20% fat ground beef signe 80% lean 20% fat ground beef pork loin rib half sliced bone-in or pork sirloin half sliced $2.19 lb with card with card lean ground beef 80% usda choice usda choice sweet strawberries 2 lb with card usda choice beef boneless sirloin tip or bottom round roast usda choice beef boneless top sirloin or tri tip steaks value pack with card with card usoa spinach lettuce shreds coleslaw garden salad organic sweet strawberries 16 oz $ with card bag signature farms shreds or spinach 8-14 oz selected varieties for with card prepared in our store with card clementine mandarins monopoly bonus ticket item men cheese akty choice calib marie caliendes caps berry snack pack 12 oz available in select locations monopoly with card white bonus spirals monopoly bonus ticket item chedd digital only! click these offers on the with - digital app and ticket item onne che crab kraft macaroni and cheese 5-7.3 oz marie callender's 11-14 oz or healthy choice entrées with itu digital keurig doritos doritos keuric sd doritos peets peets peets wheat thi̇ns chicken biskit crunch spicy ranch red raspberries blueberries or blackberries 6 oz with card monopoly bonus ticket item bonus ticket item monopoly bonus tickey item frito-lay doritos selected varieties with card peet's coffee selected varieties for nabisco snack crackers 3.5-9.1 oz selected varieties with card prep with card store monopoly bonus ticket item bud oikos triple zero light seltzer bong coors ware mixed berry bowl 24 oz available in select locations with card okos light hops barley water rice monopoly bonus ticket item dannon oikos learditi orghe pyet 69 nicky road zero or light & fit greek yogurt 5.3 oz selected varieties michelob or bud light 2599 vanilla ménage à trois when you buy 10 with card breyers with card selected varieties with card dreyers primo taglio' 899 monopoly bonus ticket item primo taglio assorted turkey breast or havarti cheese selected varieties dreyer's or signature select ice cream 1.5 at selected varieties with card with card clip or click! clip or click! clip or click! delffresh giant sesame genbliceransk permland classic cut bacon see γουατε nuts with card lucerne® milk chocolate milk gallon or open nature almond milk with card signature select variety breads 24 oz or for with card farmland bacon 12 oz oscar mayer delifresh or carving board lunch meat chevron spend $75 digital only! or more per gallon in gas rewards off redeemable at teghiron carrs fuel stations in a single transaction and get pg 1,55

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