IGA Weekly Ad Circular - valid 07/28-08/03/2021 (Page 2)

quench your thirst with these drink specials power ade power ade cana lemon lame sports drink for 12-pack coke products sprite coca cola for powerade sports drink for faygo soft drinks faygo day twister twister fruit punch fruit punch food club apple juice adem food club coffee for tropicana twister fruit drink bourmet ble apple juice apple juice gourmet blend love etusi rose manuel smile! it's on sale at iga for iga that's smart! baked beans homestyle dabar whole kerne for golden corn elbow macaroni for food club baked beans for food club pasta iga that's smart canned vegetables shells & cheddar chigia macaroni & cheese iga bbq sauce tomato ketchup for texas pete wing sauce exasper iga iga ketchup for iga steak sauce for iga steak sauce iga for food club bbq sauce iga hot sauce bacon bits mustand food club mayonnaise or salad dressing for wishbone wish salad dressing italian mayonnaise bone food club bacon bits or pieces iga or garden club mustard ranch iga mushroom for ranch food club gravy for food club salad dressing for food club bread & butter chips & bull for house autry flavor expressions iga mushrooms pieces & stems original bbq gravy gravy water" water maid tea bags fil house autry thats smart for tea bags 'shasa shasta | chicken for that's smart chicken or beef broth chicken broth tonic house autry breader tonic water water maid shasta mixers iga tea bags for rice krispies iga whole treats cheerios earth original for brown for stevia leaf & monk fruit gray ma iga or food club gravy mix for whole earth natural sweetener for cheerios cereal food club coffee creamer french vanilla kellogg's rice krispies treats oooo for for raisin bran for enriched to grits variety pack to me food club variety instant oatmeal for hospitality • cereal iga instant grits food club pancake & waffle mix that's smart relish igr for for classic potato chips cive olive iga mashed potato wise variety snack packs food club • instant mashed wash potatoes iga olive oil blend potato chips for food club tortilla chips cortilla chips • 9.5-10 oz lance for cravin cheese crackers cheddar the utz original potato chips utz for keebler crackers food club peanuts baca peanuts lance potato chips cray'n cheese crackers lance sandwich crackers 99.com little sundae syrup oreo bites for for entenmann's little bites for little debbie iga snack gars cakes or hot dog buns nabisco cookies hot dog cake food club cake cones bans smuckers ice cream cups

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