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Finding a store with friendly courteous staff, clean aisles, good reward programs, and speedy checkout lines can often seem as hard as finding a gold coin in a sack of nickels. But alas, you found Meijer. 

Not only does their name have a nice ring to it, but it’s also quite a decent place to shop. From an efficient pharmacy to fresh produce to Meijer sales ads and the mPerks program, shopping at this store will be a delightful experience.

How Meijer Got its Start

Meijer like Vons, Fred Meyer, or Albertsons got its name from its founder Hendrik Meijer. He was a Dutch Immigrant who founded the store in 1934 while the Great Depression was raging on. Initially, Meijer worked as a barber. But he saw an opening to also provide his customers with groceries, which were scarce at the time.

The company got its start with $338.76 worth of merchandise, which is about $6400 in today’s money. The first store employee was his 14-year-old son, who later became the company’s chairman. 

The store was among the first retailers to use metal shopping carts in 1938. They also went on to open “Thrifty Acres,” in 1962. It was the company’s first supercenter where customers could shop for everything in one trip. 

Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Meijer

  • It was founded in Greenville, Michigan.
  • They had about 77,000 employees in 2016.
  • Their most dominant market is in Michigan where they operate over 100 stores.  
  • At the height of World War 2, half of Meijer’s workforce comprised of women. 
  • Their stores were among the first places to utilize the automated conveyor belt to help customers breeze through checkout. 
  • Meijer was also quick to embrace the digital age by creating the website during the ‘90s.  
  • They mainly operate supercenters. 

Locations and Working Hours

  • Number of stores: 242 stores
  • Operational states: 6, including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana
  • Gas stations: 200
  • Working hours: Quite a number of stores operate 24 hours straight. 

Things You Can Buy at Meijer

Their one-stop motto means you’ll find a variety of products across all categories, including:

  • General merchandise: For instance electronics such as LED TVs, video games from Nintendo, holiday home decor, crock pots, etc.  
  • Beauty and health products: Find items such as hand sanitizers, makeup removers, etc. 
  • Personal care products: Buy men lotions, fragrances, etc. This category has regular price reductions and BOGO deals. 
  • Baby diapers: Shop for brands such as Pampers and Huggies. You’ll find Buy 2 get 1 free deal on wipes or 2 get 1 free deal on baby formulas.
  • Household items:  Get cleaning supplies, laundry items, etc.  
  • Pharmacy: Get your prescriptions refilled conveniently as you shop. 
  • Optical: Shop for eyeglasses. There is a deal for 2 pairs of eyeglasses for $99. They also accept vision insurance, and you get a great selection of polarized sunglasses. 
  • Photo: Get up to 30% off photo cards. You’ll have the chance to order collages, photo books, photo cards, and prints. 
  • Apparel and shoes
  • And more items. 

The Best Things to Buy at a Discount at Meijer

If you’re shopping for pantry staples, opt for Meijer Organics and pay less on items such as ketchup, beans, sweet potatoes, etc. Also, look out for Meijer Naturals Brands that bear non-GMO labeling. It’s also expedient to buy their fruits & veggies, seafood & meat,  and dairy products. 

There are also offers for dog & cat treats. You might land a 2 for 1 deal on Milk-Bone. Some past Meijer weekly ads and sales flyers have had buy 3 Get 1 deal on cat treats. Chews also have BOGO deals, and you even get 20% off on items such as litter pans. If you’re looking for kitchen appliances, they also have occasional deals on smokeless grills, air fryers, etc. 

More Ways to Save at Meijer 


Do you love clipping coupons? Well, you can start doing it more efficiently using the Meijer mobile app. The m-Perks program begun in 2010 just to help deal-seeking customers find, clip, and present coupons at checkout digitally. It’s free, and you’ll only need to create a Meijer account. 

M-Perks Rewards

Earn rewards every time you spend cash at their store. Rewards can be used for fuel savings. 

Credit Card

With the Meijer Credit Card or Master Card, you’ll earn rewards that you can use for gas discounts. After purchasing $750 worth of goods, you get a reward of $10. 

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