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We all understand pretty well how tiring acquiring home renovation products can be. While there are times when we could easily hit the market with detailed information stating the items we need, there are other times when we would be left hanging with thoughts as to the specific name attributed to a leaking pipe or a missing home appliance. Menard's current catalog is designed to ensure that its users enjoy numerous home enhancement products they can rely on and at discounted prices.

Menards has been serving individuals inside and outside the US for more than 50 years and counting. Regarded as the third-largest home renovation chain in the US, thousands of home renovation products can be accessed from their stores across the US. With over 400 stores attributed to the Menard enterprise, weekly ads, promotions, sales flyers, and loyalty programs offering life-changing deals are guaranteed.

The Birth and Sprouting of Menard

Menard started as a small-scale project created by John Menard, Jr. to fund his university education. In 1959, John started constructing post-frame structures with the hope of raising funds to cater to his educational needs, but as time went by, he realized there were more to the project he had started. After his college graduation, John purchased a plot of land at Eau Claire, where he built an office and a shop.

In 1960, the continuous increase in workload Menards acquired prompted John to hire extra hands. With little to no thoughts that the enterprise would one day become a global conglomerate, John incorporated the enterprise in 1962.

The major setback that Menard has encountered since its inception is a lawsuit that saw the company fined 1.7 million in 1997. This fine was attributed to John's carelessness. He was busted carrying plastic bags containing chromium and arsenic-laden wood ash in his pick-up truck. He used to dump these bags to his own home so that they may be disposed along with his domestic trash.

While the company might have had a bit of setback within the years, its impact within and outside the United States have seen it claim numerous remarkable rewards. Weekly prints ads with lots of TV and radio ads are sponsored by Menards regularly. In 2007, Menard launched its 240,000 sq ft store, providing room for its users to gain access to groceries, matrasses, and office supplies. In 2016, Menard was ranked 37th in Forbes list as the American Largest Private Corporations.

Location and Working Hours

Accessing the remarkable catalog offered by Menards would leave you with a variety of building materials, home appliances, tools, wallpapers, plumbing provisions, vinyl, garden supplies, cupboards, wood stain, carpet, hardware, electrical provisions, ceiling fans, light fixtures, doors and windows, paint, home security wares, and automotive to choose from. You can access their services via a regular walk-in into any of its stores or make use of the online service they offer to keep a tab on their catalog. You can visit any of its shops from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Best Buy at Menards

While there are numerous groceries and home garden supplies accessible at the Menards current catalog, the retail store is designed to provide its users with unusual home enhancement items. Visiting Menards via walk-in or an affiliate site would grant you access to its discount portal. Whether you are looking to fix your home cabinet or the wall paints are looking worn out and dull, you can rely on Menards rest assured that you would get the best deals.

Discounted Goods at Menards

Menard offers its users the opportunity of exploring numerous weekly ads, flyers, and brochures packed filled with lots of exhilarating offers. When shopping at the catalog offered by Menard you wouldn't have to worry about getting the full value for your money. To ensure you are always on board and get to enjoy exciting sales deals from Menard, you can subscribe to its newsletter or follow them on their social media accounts.

Why Make Menards Your Prime Shopping Store?

Regular visitors are given the chance to enjoy a myriad of astounding discounts. A loyalty program geared towards ensuring that its users enjoy a superior shopping experience can also be accessed from the Menards’s shopping platform. To gain access to the discounted goods Menards offers via a walk-in, you would want to utilize their discount codes.

The Newest Offers in Menards Everyday

Menards’ daily deals have made the platform a must-visit for any individual planning to embark on a home improvement project. Lots of new deals offering spectacular discount opportunities are attached to the daily deals flyer offered at Menards.

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