Safeway Weekly Ad Circular - valid 07/08-07/14/2020 (Page 4)

signet sponse helping our oceans thrive open nature responsible choice seasoned with kinder's only goodness" high quality minimally processed products free from 110 food ingredients kinders ܘܢ con ved sustainably wild caught with minimal impact to ocean habitats responsibly farmed with minimal choice impact to the environment third-party audited to ensure our commitment to sustainable seafood makes a positive highest standards impact on the oceans - and your dinner table kinders kinder's seasoned chicken kinder's marinated boneless jennie-o 99% lean ground party wings skinless chicken thighs lemon pepper or cali club price club price or burger patties club price the butcher block mpossible wild caught shrimp skewers dungeness crab impossible boneless skinless sections burger chicken breast cooked club price previously frozen 12-oz club price club price previously frozen club price copen nature open nature van de kanpa grass fed 85% atlantic salmon lean angus nande kamps ground beef club price large raw shrimp fresh van de kamp's waterfront wild caught seafood bistro coho salmon medium cooked shrimp selections norwegian no antibiotics ever fillets salmon fillets club price chicken & apple club price club price subject to availability club price selected varieties chicken sausage rosma jalisatile meatballs indian havia natural mains open nature sausage for johnsonville new york style club price sausage when rosina meatballs sausage oscar mayer selected varieties natural or p3 for gallo salame reser's main st hempler's sausage protein plates club price bistro side dishes club price club price selected varieties club price 20-oz carlo open nature almondmilk kit half gallon caesar selected varieties red cherries northwest grown usda organic for taylor farms club price chopped salad kits driscoll's fresh express salad kits for organic sweet cos club price strawberries club price club price sweet corn large usda grown in brentwood hass avocados g&s farms california grown every day every day baby bella or white whole for large for mushrooms club price for mangos club price open nature pizza selected varieties club price vegetable packs every day every day every day usda large fuji organic granola open nature large apricots granny smith large club price granola california grown or gala apples cantaloupe selected varieties the cheesecake factory for bread or rolls gerbera daisy california grown club price deluxe bouquet every day fresh baked croissants every day every day danish club price chicken chickpea recipe salmong chickpea recipe homo chicken summer salads every day sabra hummus singles open nature ribs prosciutto or antipasto sabra hummus club price pet food club price club price salad off club price discover western wu all pay pay pay exclusively in our stores better food for better line authorized picked at its peak original almond pretend per uncured pepperoni organic local local fresh and fabulous new cal fresh wic

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