Builders Warehouse Catalogue - 2019/06/25-2019/07/21 (Page 3)

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fixath plascon ppt gase coating at factory res desenca at factory prices fire arth cargo polvin ero walls & ceilings citycoat new coat contractor's acrylic pva high hiding general purpose acryoc pva for first and finishing coats suitable for prepared now tintable exclusive pack size walls & ceilings mery & ceilings washable matt acrylic swipe using your builders card today to receive 15% off your first online purchase and enjoy exclusive deals and benefits love your hol love your hor love you hor builders pro duram you save duram dulux zart oksigner coatings as factory preces endure fire rath dulux duram acrylic pv green enduren weather rool extreme roof matt wall & ceiling now tintable exclusive pack size provides high hiding power & weather resistant 10 year roof acrylic available in standard was r390 sep ferat duram prelet atings at factory prices you save duram deincas as factory proces men coatings at factory prices firearth armatex painterspro plaster primer plaster primer alkali resistant primer; fine-textured exterior wat paint that covers hairline cracks and hides imperfections available in standard fired fired earth earth was r648 severe weather four seasons textured casco dulux plascon dulux micatex weather guard ooo tough texture rough texture weatherguard available in white & contains "maxiflex which gives lasting plaster imperfections prevents hairline available in white & standard colours weathertough for long-lasting fungal growth 12-year guarantee price dro price demo too low scan qr code or see in-store too low scan qr code or see in-store you save ultra pink you save you save you save kolls germs 99.9% of gems sl dishwash liquid biodegradable 5l all-purpose cream cleaner pink multi- purpose cleaner household and industrial use was r210 wher was r160 was r130 was r170 terms & conditions the back page of this promotion picsony in south africa tom

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