Cashbuild Catalogue - 2020/02/24-2020/03/22 (Page 4)

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supa pva white duram medal walls & ceilings acrylic pva various colours champion medal champion extra thick pva white matt acrylic duram matt acrylic pva various colours extra thick acrylic pva walls ceilings sup duram champion champion texture pva various colours duram duram armatex various colours safari gloss enamel enamel & trim duram enamel & trim various colours armatex texture acrylic pva gloss enamel medal duram duram roofkote white duram duram roofkote various colours excluding green medal medal acrylic roof paint various colours medal qd industrial enamel various colours roofkote roofkote roof paints & accessories duram diana medal flexikote duram acrylic waterproofer various colours medal professional waterproofing various colours acrylic waterproofer bu hatologic abe hydroproof various colours ty active duram flexikote various colours polessed poftn membrane membrane mimbrane medal plaster primer water based duram medal roc grip medal duram plaster primer water based rockgrip plaster primer solvent based white plaster primer medal acryloseal self priming top coat white acryloseal bee paint brush academy champion powafix mineral turpentine cub paint brush available in sizes from 12mm to from 100mm available in sizes from 12mm to duram colorpro various colours alcolin contractors acrylic sealant white champion roller tray set from usd duram smart polar as seen on the reno race before get the look after free alice okm -5km 5km -10km 10km - 15km 15km - 25km 25km+ - fort beaufort free okm -3km king williams town okm - 3km free free delivery rates do local delivery for further distances wisa for further distances enquire in-store the advertised rates are estimate rates and are subject to change if the road conditions vary and it areas are not accessible

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