Cashbuild Catalogue - 2020/08/24-2020/09/20

red sticker sale all red sticker products available in store at cost price cashbuild helping you save in tough times while stocks last tinters durah color pro color pro coll dwa duram duran colorp duram colorpro various colours or pro duram dura color pro olor pro duram duram color pro champion extra thick pva champion duram white champion melody p.v.a wall&ceiling high gloss enamel matt inside outside extra thick acrylic pva inside outside use melody pva white duram wall & ceiling pva various colours champion high gloss enamel bone cotta duram champion grey roofkote preachvuc roce paint acrylic roof paint medal outside use roof acrylic paint weater resistan durable medal acrylic roof paint white vera floor range ceramic floor tile 2m per box duram roofkote various colours excluding white and green champion roof paint various colours excluding green accessories afrisa champion champion alpre cement cement oudat soudal paintable sealant surebuild surecem surewali sureteco mais stalas alcolin contractors acrylic sealant white see prices may differ from store to store check your local store for price rsa selected products could differ from pictures shown and may not be available in all stores

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