Cashbuild Catalogue - 2021/09/20-2021/10/24

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cashbuild red sticker sale all red sticker products available in store at cost price medal medal roof coat sheen acrylic various colours roof coat pure acrylic durable shoes weatherstan would ristan product benefits • excellent uv resistance • all-weather sheen finish • excellent hiding power • exterior use • 8 year guarantee product uses suitable for most types of • concrete window sills • primed metal & wooden surfaces spread rate champion champion melody medal extra thick acrylic pva water-based plaster primer interior p.v.a roci grip walls & ceilings acic universal acrylic pva te!! champion extra thick acrylic pva white champion plaster primer water-based melody pva white dulux rockgrip pva white medal walls & ceilings acrylic pva white membrane free membrane duram duram duram duram flexiko roofkote cement primer water-based adhesion poe armatex pure acrylic roof paint told duram duramesh fine textured hydroprog bil duram cement primer duram roofkote various colours excluding white & green duram armatex fine textured various colours duram flexikote various colours abe hydroproof various colours accessories champion gascast bural cement crete powards boxel surebuild surecem surevall abe bond plasta enhancer multi filla tech afrisam miriam afrisam afrism powafix multi filla all purpose crack filler 2kg aline gens ται γιξαν τα ppc rsa selected products could differ from pictures shown and may not be available in all stores

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