Checkers New Year Catalogue 19/20 Catalogue - 2019/12/27-2020/01/01 (Page 2)

click&collect per kg spatchcock chicken from each assorted platters per kg ready to braai pork angel kisses bulk lamb braai chops ready to braai braai cena press from ready to braai ciabatta assorted the end decade ready to braai jalapeno poppers ready to braai conveniently repares bbq ribs werd work ready to braai bbq ribs available at wine route liquor shop tanqueray mon each the wolftrap viognier - rosé blanc each fat bastard sauvignon blanc chardonnay each krone methode cap classique rose cuvée brut borealis cuvée brut ballantine's finest blended scotch whisky tanqueray imported london dry gin 250g each ready to braai baguette assorted bob mors get r20 off winner liquor shop castat lite per kg championship boerewors with voucher when you buy a pack of championship boerewors championship boerewors present your second till slip from checkers to redeem your discount in-store also at checkers checkers piso hype better and better

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