Checkers Christmas Catalogue 2019 Catalogue - 2019/12/09-2019/12/24 (Page 3)

wines of the world just arrived eira são miguel hardys nottage ha chardonnay hardys nottage hill shiraz red wine zero range explore our expertly made zero range of just the bottle for you haiti more international wines than any other supermarket canned wines discover our new and exclusive vinette range of canned wines and enjoy your favourites on the go only available at selected stores nay less than oos alcohol vinettenette argentina the majority of argentina's grapes are grown in the foothills of the andes the ideal terroir for the flavourful argentinian inette van loveren almost zero radiant red vinette chenin blanc cans casal garcia vinho verde alma mora malbec blend finca las moras malbec barrel select finca moras low kleides low kilojoule zero low kilojoule chenin blanc rosé finca las moras malbec fiver finca las moras malbec bwishing bus almost old dark and dense with notes of berry liquorice and spices following through onto a vibrant sky palate only available at selected less than 0,05% alcohol côtes-du- rhone demin des papes van loveren almost zero ravishing rose baron philippe de rothschild bordeaux red wine four cousins flver frizzante wine nab assorted warwick the first lady get pack - 2 x rosé anarena buy 2 & save r10 save r10 save moja with card zero with card less than 0.05% alcohol sulohur added with card van loveren almost zero wonderful white leopard's leap natura de alcoholised white wine tur birdman sauvignon blanc zero no sulphur sauvignon blanc

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