Checkers Catalogue - 2021/02/12-2021/02/21 (Page 2)

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books & covers gilt wrap gift fvrap scholar per pack pages heavy each duty jiffy heavy-duty plastic roll • 3m x 480mm save r8 heavy duty a4 rasticae each jiffy a4 heavy-duty with card heavy de plastic adjustable slip-on a4 hardcover book covers counter book • 10-pack • 192 pages counter book pewn for extra strength each fantasia book wrap 5m x 50cm all variants sed alu oude men scholai pages counter book magic per pack jiffy a4 medium- duty plastic adjustable slip-on book covers • 10-pack per pack jiffy a4 heavy-duty plastic adjustable slip-on book covers 10-pack clear self-adhesive book covers rese per pack magic cover a4 pre-cut self- adhesive book covers save r5 nare dach our feat am medium duty covers with card new size to fit a4 hardcover counter book hlighet plastic book covers mutfortly book covers per pack pages schola per pack magic cover a4 swanky poly book covers 6-pack swanky poly book covers per pack butterfly a4 clear plastic book covers 5-pack butterfly a4 plastic book covers magic manuscript book save r2 semestres each faul & margele with card a5 hardcover manuscript book • 192 pages jiffy brown book wrap 2m x 480mm plastic roll each each schola pages polythene roll designer book wrap save r2 each each counter book with card pages a4 hardcover counter book each kraft colour adhesive roll book wrap 2m x 70cm 2m x 450mm all variants

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