Checkers Catalogue - 2021/06/14-2021/06/20 (Page 2)

rent ocrete levenes tailon ameans buy prawns & get rice free buy 700g chapman's basmati long grain white rice free! spekko seafood mix inc braatsnoek with card cape point iame prawns save r50 cape point braai snoek cape point seafood mix vannamei prawns plant- save r10 base breakfast croissants the bakery bar-one cake tasty & hassle-free stir fry meal பயான the bakery cupcakes all variants ther chocolate gare tants teate simple precken truth source of pe buy a stir fry veg pack plus and a stir fry sauce for with card crunchy stir fry goog baulienne sweet & sour st fry sauce 120g simple truth caulower mushroom noodles 250g pouch milk tart buy any 2 & save r5 choice granny smith apples choice golden delicious apples save 1,8kg tray stim ripe & ready avocados export quality tango fruit barny smith app buchst soup veg mix 600g soup & stew veg mix 1,5kg bag avocado aspleny with card tange we bring the wine route to you buy any 3 & save 25% pierre jourdan tranquille pinot warwick the first lady cabernet sauvignon cape fynbos chenin blanc merlot buy any 2 & save chardonnay classic merlot pinotage cabernet sauvignon sauvignon blanc shiraz chenin blanc as seen on tv fyn bos fyn bos méthode cap classique brut rosé · demi sec not as seen on tv uni with card penerale force any 2 for buy 2 for buy 2 for any 2 for kwv brandy & cola premix nrb ooh la la spirit aperitif each cider cans raspberry chocolate cream liqueur paddy triple distilled irish whiskey paddypaddi liquor shop amarula amaruia brandy coa save r60 save r10 save r45 save r70

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