Checkers Back To School 2021 Catalogue - 2021/01/04-2021/02/07 (Page 4)

Products in this catalogue

paper & files reams save r3 sheets plus with card typek a4 photostat paper • 250 sheets 80gsm save r30 save r10 sap per pack per box with card typek typek with card sappi 1 plus* a4 photostat paper sappi 1plus* a4 photostat paper 500 sheets 80gsm sheets odles typek butterfly butterfly flip file each pocket file * butterfly file filing pockets flip file a4 filing pockets 10-pack bright papr pad a4 display book superior de கேடி மயான e data butterfly ight board pad sewwwww play book save r8 from butterfly pocket file each with card each from ard pad butterfly a4 display file a4 display book a3 80gsm a4 coloured paper 100 sheets colored paper each butterfly a4 see see more sex esb www flip fil save r5 flip save r11 flip save r12 with card with card pocke flip file display flip file a4 display file 20-pocket pocke pe the only flip file a4 display file 30-pocket pocke flere dichy flip file a4 display file • 50-pocket

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