Checkers Catalogue - 2021/07/23-2021/08/09 (Page 6)

any any rave save with card with card with card with card with card 4x 1,5% coca-cola original cold drink 3x 125g flanagan's chips all variants ceres 100% fruit juice blend all variants bakers salticrax salted crackers mister sweet speckled eggs all flak flanagans value pack speckled eggs atasi ceres ceres ceres giant prasle gea cca colibolu more! kettle! moreishirish kettle fried chips prill miste sweet let blick pepper ser salt flavored che salticrax opeckled eggs salted crackers save r18 save r21 save r15 any 2 for each any 2 for with card with card with card ryvita tennis housebrand ind oood morn good rusl rusks coord morning ryvita crian tennis godt save r15 save r15 save r10 rusks all variants bakers zoo iced biscuits bakers original tennis biscuits any 2 for ryvita rye crispbread all variants all 3 for ginger biscuits any 2 for morning biscuits all variants any 3 for any 2 for save r10 with card with card oppity poppity mem hoppity poppitý naks feta otter co2 and black peper popcorn popme mentos os save r8 save r8 ans popz microwave popcorn all variants & 200g m&ms chocolate sweets all variants காங்க save r5 save r20 save r6 popcorn all variants sweets all variants toros sweets all variants 2x 135g simba nik naks all variants any 3 for popcorn all variants any 2 for any 2 for any 3 for per pack with card with card uze ebolbo krush aquelle still save r7 save r17 save r16 only cold drink save r9 ice tea all variants liqui fruit 100% fruit juice blend all variants each juice blend all variants any 5 for aquellé still sparkling unflavoured water 150g each with card with card save 20% lindt products & xu xe | cher dairy milk tp deck gairy milk milk chocolate swipe your xtra savings card and automatically enter to win save r20 cadbury chocolate slabs all variants 5x cadbury lunch bar max sweetie pie pease

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