Checkers Catalogue - 2022/08/10-2022/08/21

big savings little prices fresh! individually wrapped chicken hth huggies gold tastic 4.99⁹ per kg farmer's choice fresh 16-piece chicken braai pack save 21% any 2 for valley dairy snack all variants get a free mini with every r200 you spend when you swipe your xtra savings card save r30 59.⁹9⁹ bonnita salted checkers little shop3 mini collectables bonnita salted butter τζίνα τα σκε crystal valley gouda crystal valley cheddar bluerie collect all 24 new minis checkers ra savings also available checkers save r40 79.⁹9 750g each with card crystal valley cheddar cheese blue ribbon white bala 14.⁹⁹ blue ribbon brown toaster bread save r20 84.⁹⁹ with card nescafé classic instant coffee all variants each nescafe classic dance cant www full cream mitk checkers housebrand eggs checkors housebrand corn flakes checkers housebrand checkers hyper save r10 34.⁹⁹ pack with card white sugar 42⁹⁹ 2,5kg housebrand white sugar full crean milk lang ht pra housebrand extra large eggs housebrand corn flakes housebrand long life milk all variants checkers sixty download the app better and better