Checkers Christmas Catalogue 2019 Catalogue - 2019/12/09-2019/12/25 (Page 9)

swipe & save instantly save 25% save r42 any 3 for save r20 save r24 any 2 for save 30% per pack 1kg with card with card with card with card with card steak & chops! meat tenderiser! as seen on tv coro kellogg's otels originals kellogg's canderel c anderel delicio delicious stue sweet taste coffee beans chickenutak dhe oats & hor spice bottles bokomo otees cereal assorted each kellogg's granola bars assorted canderel sweetener tablets per pack mostra di cafe coffee beans assorted each deals you just can't beat denny inatasan denny pepe cheese sauce mushroom sauce sashebos tomato rhodes miami rhodes waxed vegetat miami ed vegetar miami 410g each 410g each 200ml each miami tomato & onion mix miami braai curried vegetables ina paarman's sauce assorted denny mushroom suace assorted each denny pasta sauce assorted each rhodes rhodes buffe olive buffet olives hohe kernel sweetcom green app mint jelly sauce jelly mini nando permi onta miam sweet miami ehega 410g each 200g each rhodes whole kernel sweetcorn queen olives staffords mint sauce! jelly sauce assorted 760g each miami gherkins assorted nando's sauce assorted patak's cook-in sauce assorted each cream whip 7809 as seen on tv nola rices world basmati rhodes salad dressing tisia wellingtons suced beetroot vellinum sweet chill sauce mayonnais 780g each each 500ml each 1kg rhodes sliced! grated beetroot spur salad dressing nola mayonnaise assorted wellington's tomato sauce mrs ball's chutney wellington's sweet assorted tastic basmati rice big value savings as seen on tv & moni's kellogg's spacks nd? kellogg's noodles spekko spekko fattis & mon fatti's & moni's pasta shapes assorted & 750g clover mayonnaise assorted each & 170g mayfair shredded tuna in brine chicken conchigliette small pascal baltiovies classic chicken tangy manijonnaise any 2 for *5 all 4 for yai kellogg's instant noodles assorted long grain parboiled rice

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