Clicks Catalogue - 2019/08/22-2019/09/05 (Page 2)

pay day only at clicks eventy hvenly hidhenes honly mixa pure cream nly enly when mixa crean save 84 cream per offer save 49° per olter oh so heavenly body creams 470 ml save 349 per offer μιχα body lotions 400 ml or body creams 450 mi pure cream pure glycerine cream 500 ml save 33º por offer oh so heavenly body lotions body creams elvive elvive garnor ultimate spor tresem ultimate organics blends organics tres buy bulk & save rapo keratin smoot save 599 per offer elvive shampoo or conditioner save 39° per otter tresemmé shampoo and conditioner save 449 per offer garnier ultimate blonds shampoo or conditioner save 499 poroller organics shampoo conditioner save 239 per offer dettol doppelo dece yardley doodorant for men save 11% per offer libresse ultra duo pods save 20" per offer save 1797 per offer nivea roll-on for men of women value pack on last freshnes andy soc comfor comfor он ast moon save 4190 per offer ariel liquid 1.5 litres or omo auto serie ariel ariel save 19" per offer save 31” per ottor domestos multipurpose thick bleach save 429 per offer omo auto liquid dotorgont ariel comfort value pack concentrated fabric conditioner rofil 800 mi save 13% per offer handy andy croom 750 ml

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