Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2019/09/20-2019/10/20 (Page 4)

your everyday health essentials a.zinc centrum free vital vital cheapest vital vital vital vital gold wait sa multi omega 2,6&o maxi bulk pack on selected centrum products bulk pack bulk pack bulk pack bulk pack bulk pack bulk pack adult centrum multivitamins covers all your essential fatty acid needs maintains healthy and shiny hair supports overall health and vitality supports energy and vitality # whatz hot essential for immune skin and connective tissue centrum active supports joint and cardiovascular health as well as memory and concentration concentrate bulk pack multi omega bulk pack bulk pack multi vitamin 100% nrv bulk pack gold bulk pack maxi c 1000mg bulk pack select so select 50+ active centrum offer only applicable on the above centrum products vital because health is happiness and your happiness is vital value banded pack pack banded pack biogen ru multi deshem biogen dis-chem vitamin biogen plat multi vitamin plus multi biogen multivitamin plus banded pack free 30 tablets save 10 biogen multivitamin plus value pack spectrum pectrum di chen gold multivitamin for diabetics senin vitamin pu spectrum senior banded pack save 40% gold multivitamin for diabetics save 270 save 3000 quer theodore jantjies save multivitamins are a must for theodore cheapest cheapest nativa multivit for women complex free free on at plusss products pharmatoon pharmaton proactive proacive on any nativa complex products multivits prevent any deficiencies and help to keep me at the top of my game multivi cive extr cold & flu multivitamin digestive health #dischemhealthy living women's heal points plusss from puss products assorted "points still to be rewarded when using your youth card nativa digestive complex pharmaton proactive save 5900 theodore jantjies theodore jantjies @theojantjies

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