Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2022/01/06-2022/01/20 (Page 2)

nature's nature's nourishment has a wide range of face and body care products to make it nourishment easy to practise self-care every day make everyday instant foam bath assorted discount shampoo or conditioner men nature nourisment coconut milk bath salt anti-dandruft shampoo for men shampoo conditioner & shower gel natures nous avent foam bath champoo all natures nourisme hair care prcoucts with your dis-chem benefit gar assorted shampoo for men instant discount instant discount nature's nourishment face care products are available in the following off all natures nours went bath products with your dis-chem benefit card nallon all natures nolassaient face care products with your dis-chem benefit cleansing and jacias toner tac toner loton coton bour dioci lo vera kamet mars witam day cream might chean men ball facial toner assored cleansing lotion facial scrub 125ml assorted day or night cream or day cream spf15 or eye cream billions of bubbles peach bubble bath 4495 softi softi has a wide variety of products that are soft and comfortable to the touch such as cotton balls softi cotton tads greener living cosmetic set contains cotton buds 100-piece cotton pads 10-piece cotton ball 10 pece soft inico organic lecos cert cotton balls cotton pads 30-ploces softi organic certified organic cotton buds 180-pack softi frescan toilet tissue wipes cotton buds 100% cotton balls instant discount fresh care toilet tissue wipes 25-wipes instant discount made all softi products with your dis-chem benefit softd all soft! products with your dis-chem benefit care bamboo fibre softi wallet tissues adales sopto 2.ply facial tissues 4x200-pack tock ract soti softs arches facial tissues 80-pack wallet pack pocket tissues soiti softi the strength of softi products are made in rural aracts naturty derived organic ingredients

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