Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2019/06/21-2019/07/14 (Page 9)

value offer any 3 for any 2 for save 1585 save 149 value offer revlon love her madly deodorant body spray ove ove ove seduce or minx or sugar body spray save 300 seduce leons enchull impulse perfumed body spray assorted himpulse nivea nivea black& white invisibl save any 2 for zbu save 1190 any 2 for save 50 on all nature's gate déodorant stick 48g prices already marked down nature's gate déodorant tea tree & blue cypress deodorant stick save 19 osobant sarnior dove garnier mineral anti-perspirant roll-on assorted dove anti-perspirant roll-on assorted nivea anti-perspirant aerosol assorted dove esco this product is made using natural or organic ingredients smooth savings max shave exclusive to dis-chem gillette save save 1990 save 990 on selected gillette venus razors marked down gillette max shave atin sans venus w5 women razor system handle plus w5 women disposable razors snuəa gillette enus care olay breeze olay share gei aro vanilla dream save own mandys hair go how reece cream on all hairgo products prices are marked down warm wax mug original wax strips satin care sensitive skin or olay vanilla dream shaving gel 200ml save 2380 venus venus venus & olay breeze swirl sugarberry 2up razor 1up razor 2up razor hairgo hair removal cream save 300 hair go warm wax mug save 8% mandy's original wax strips 20-pack save 13" face or legs schick exclusive to dis-chem free your skin new value packs schick quattro schick dquip ladies compact for silky smooth skin save 1000 schick xtreme3 sersitas quattro hair removal lotion philips bikini genie trimmer brt381 trim & style bikini trimming head click-on combs save 80 xtreme3 sensitive disposable quattro for women razor kit save 1500 plus handle quattro for women cartridges save 1500 no hair hair removal lotion value pack save 24 dis-chem pharmacies

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