Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2019/11/22-2019/12/16 (Page 28)

household essentials sunlight new sunlight all in 1 dishwashing liquid tablets extra power save 4500 23-pack or original 28-pack expert save 1190 extra power our servers dishwashing liquid regular punlight new sunlight sunlighte dan save 1485 lemon 100 zin auto uno sunlight leman 100 rocee auto washing powder save 2200 of petals mild...& gentle soap laundry bar sunight assorted soap exclusive to dis-chem free home butler save 3990 save 890 home butler multi-purpose gloves save 990 butler multe purpose gloves domestos 750ml unstoppable assorted home new dishwashing liquid lemon skip vomestos skip auto washing liquid assorted poo-pourri assorted save 4000 extended cars power when you purchase any two home butler dishwashing liquid dishwashing liquid crystal beads air freshener exclusive to dis-chem mosquito & insect repellents life|trek kids mosquito patch 10-pack life|trek save 2500 mosquito patch mosquito band kids exclusive to dis-chem dquips dquip life trek citronella cream kids dis-chem citronella cream insect repellent cream our cream with otrola nite glo off* kids mosquito band all life trek mosquito bands and patches nite glo save 1500 dquip aa batteries 12-pack each family protection peaceful sleep mosquito repellent aerosol save 2200 aaar life|trek mosquito patch 20's banded раски insect recent energizer pack peaceful settent sleep energizer eggiatore life trek saver ged mosquito band mosquito band insect repellent 2-pack assorted colours save 1500 mosquito patch family pack 20-pack save 2500 mosquito repellent aro tabard tabard insect aerosol 150g plus roll on 70ml banded pack save 1000 per pack insect repellent rollon energizer max aaa or aa batteries 12-pack save 2500 tabard yeach assorted with by safe banded pack banded pack save 790 citronelling banded randy pack body spray banded pack crean acon loods 2 x 200ml whole family for all over us cream safe for the • easy to apply with aromatic cow for all over use whole family non-greasy mozz anti- doi doom anti- room linen & clothing spray banded pack safe for the whole family • easy to apply non-greasy save 3995 mozie doom assorted multi lody spa anti- anti- λουσie mozzie மே com room room linen lines mothing spray laman gree der har card pro lamon go super mati insects clothing spray per pack per pack plant-based mosquito repellent for indoor and outdoor use

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