Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/06/11-2021/07/11 (Page 18)

incontinence care instant discounts du-chem loyalty benefit card exclusive to benefit card holders sign up indon colinear dal only when you purchase with your benefit card instant discount lady pads or lady slim liners tena tena tena off with your benefit tena card lady lady slim pads lady lady sim lady lady slim lady slim pads mun normal lady pads tale x34 utas x12 cm "5% instant discount to be deducted when swiping your dis-chem benefit card dis-chem brands o fewer rands softi olichen softi premium adult ultra slips softi softi super pants premium adult pants puma linen premium adult slips premium adult slips kl 10 cm prowy slig hem linen softi linen savers 20-pack 60cm x 30cm standard premium adult stress pads softi from erem softi pant pale pace pads premium adult premium adult linen savers 20-pack soom x 90cm extra large pants xl 14 softi washcloths premium disposable washcloths ਪਰਖ vitality molicare moli care molicare lady mobile mobile molicare moticare premium premium mobile mobile drop medium 14-pack 14-pack molicare was 199 was 222 premium lady pad drop was 45 dis-chem repeat medicines made easy packmymeds or on packmy meds collect your medication pre-packed for ensures you receive collection at your nearest store or get it delivered to your door your chronic dis-chem pharmacy every time "wait for your sms notification before collection so you know your medication is ready get an sms notification with the link to

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