Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/04/16-2021/06/30 (Page 13)

health food sport supplements zambezi gold™ is retail certified organic full-bodied flavour with a hint of currants earth & co rice & soya drinks are a range of dairy alternative milks produced in europe the range is dairy added sugar & is vegan friendly eat naked super seed natural peanut butter is made from locally harvested peanuts honey & a smattering of salt mogen biogen's 100% plant based protein bars deliver 10 grams of plant protein & are available in fuel to help refuel & repair muscles along with being high in protein these plant-based bars are also gluten free & high in fibre earth &co bulk raw plant based protein earth &co dass dan legal potenblend protein bar rice milk eat honey zambezi gold raw certified organic choice grade honey with sunflower oi dave soya milk naked super seed natural peanut butter biogen well bulk raw gainer biogen well pure plant based protein biogen plant based protein bar che game eat naked super seed natural peanut butter earth & co rice milk சாகனா earth & co soya milk whether you choose reduce or eliminate your animal protein intake for health ethical or environmental reasons plant protein powders help you meet your daily protein requirements without compromising muscle recovery or growth rooibos tea is naturally free of caffeine and a source of several delicate and earthy delicious beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold coconut oil odourless coconut oil has all the goodness of with a neutral taste and perfect for cooking or baking sat taste laro eurograma new bst tandar senna green tea lusn plant foc gain lifestyle food lifestyle plant vegetable protein alle ed utii rooibos tea coconut oil protein senna tea is popular herbal treatment made from the leaves of the active ingredients are compounds called anthraquinones wat lifestyle food rooibos lifestyle food virgin coconut oil bst senna green tea npl elite food gainer fully dosed usn blue lab vegetable protein 100% plant protein optimum nutrition 100% plant protein

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