Dis-Chem Catalogue - 2021/04/16-2021/06/30 (Page 5)

& skin care catrice vagan ting com cleanid mineral swina hotliohter natural plant based vegan sustraile animal skincare pienoily thckaging und cosmetics clean id is a range of make-up products based on environmentally only logical that even the packaging consists of paper and recyclable cosmetics without compromise - from the production to the packaging to the product nuo when it comes to ingredients zero believes that less is more zero's clean formulations are free from synthetic botanical ingredients to care for your skin zero's nourishing plant-based formulas to reduce the appearance of dry skin and sacha inchi seed oil cleanio minera troncerts odmin face scrue face scrub befoliant pour le visage face wash nettoyant pou le visage zero pay cream creme de jour bro leane volumi den naco audeo cleand nuqo|| ile zero day cream zerg might chan creme onun clean id overig zero grt chean face face hand & eye day or scrub wash nail cream cream night cream zero only available at selected stores or online at dischem.co.za urban pron urbaneda urbana urban da body scrub reviving greenwili clarins natural skincare clarins was created with two drago principles in mind listening to body lotion natural skin care brand scan to learn women's needs & love for more about urban based on the holistic clarins veda or hydrating principles of ayurveda desert toner rich in active ingredients & provides plant-based active nongs ingredients for every purifying with botanics which ensure formula developed body scrub formulations of the highest veda quality veda certified vegan-friendly day cream parcon peviving clarins scrating tone • respecting and protecting body lotion clarins verb sustainably sourced to clarifying வாக preserve plant heritage and night cream support biodiversity claune daily sochy hal facial was santal facial oil or lotus contour or blue orchid od bones face treatment or tonic or relax cream oil body treatment oil plant gold hring day cream clarins only available at selected stores or online at dischem.co.za urban alle facial wash exfoliating facial polish

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