Game Catalogue - 2021/07/01-2021/09/30 (Page 2)

any 9 for r100 any 5 for r55 any 5 for r35 any 5 for r90 any 4 for r70 dbo ombo lionton com lenti ons tpfattis & mon grande sandé lentils macaroni lentils lion whole lentils 500g imbo or crossbow red speckled sugar beans 500g fattis & monis pasta grande maggi kellogg's any 3 for r45 any 3 for r40 any 2 for r20 rhodes rhodes rho codes hulet onion hinds hinds turmeric portuguese chicken spice huletts koo коо chak коо chantal sarees corn omato & rhodes tomato & onion sun rhodes iodate table sa the todated table salt kernel com 3kg rhodes tomato & onion mix 410g коо chakalaka 410g assorted rhodes cream style sweetcorn or whole kernel corn 410g hinds spice refill 60g - 80g assorted great value lodated table salt 500g huletts brown sugar 3kg any 2 for r60 any 2 for r110 any 5 for r50 any 3 for r100 royco royco spray royal sau royco gravy cook spr rhia aprico tales cook rhodes durky durky yui yum yom apricot jam steak sur banten colemans spray and cook 300ml assorted royco mrs balls chutney 1.1kg assorted spur rhodes smooth apricot jam 900g yum yum smooth peanut butter 1kg any 3 for r70 caldo milo cober cela code freshnak freshpak freshpak sen solo snowflake snowflake honey mores custard ponder milo honey ods custard powder self raising wheat flour self raising wheat flour pure rooibos tea hataria magydy reakiasi magy drink little bee honey 500g moirs custard powder 500g golden cloud muffin mix 1kg assorted snowflake self raising flour 1kg freshpak nestlé any 2 for r90 any 3 for r100 any 6 for r125 frisco frisco dold strong original nesc nescafe ciast hug mug remora hug mug lour ficut liqui fruit nescafé classic 200g frisco original or granules 750g nestlé cremora house of coffees 100% fruit juice blend 2l assorted appletiser or grapetiser sparkling fruit juice 1.25l any 4 for r100 any 6 for r60 any 2 for r85 any 6 for r45 any 6 for r120 any 2 for r85 apezoni que quel que quels quelle bol bonaqua thirsti thirsti thirsti thirsti thirst thirsti cocabela lucozade energy drink il assorted aquellé sparkling flavoured water 1.5l assorted bonaqua sparkling flavoured water 6 x 500ml assorted thirsti sports drink 500ml assorted lipton ice tea 1.5l assorted coca-cola or schweppes soft drinks cans 6 x 200 ml game

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