House & Home Catalogue - 2022/05/30-2022/06/12 (Page 7)

new aenergy rating energy samsung white twin-tub washing machine • 2-year guarantee save r400 hisense mirror glass-finish water-on-tap side-by-side freezer-fridge h670smib-wd save r1000 defy metallic water-on-tap side-by-side freezer-fridge 3 + 2 years warranty save r1700 defy manhattan grey front-loader washing machine daw 384 • 3-year warranty save r500 7kg energy arating smart technology kooc koc hisense titanium inox-finish water-on-tap bottom- inox-finish water-on-tap mic bottom- metallic top-freezer fridge • 2-year guarantee freezer fridge freezer h310bit-wd • 5-year fridge kbf639x+ 5-year guarantee guarantee save r600 save r800 save r800 new benergy rating linear matt black water-on-tap side-by-side freezer-fridge gc-j247cqbv • 2-year guarantee save r5000 silver top-loader washing machine t1777nehte • 2-year guarantee save r2000 energy arating renergy rating defy white air vented auto dryer dtd258 • 2-year warranty save r300 5kg hisense stainless steel 13-place dishwasher h13dess save r500 energy rating republic univa metallic chest freezer save r300 energy th africa ic of scan me south af as a consumer did you know that you now have the difference and save the environment?