Makro Catalogue - 2021/07/11-2021/08/01 (Page 7)

omo unilever tough stain removal omo auto washing powder less r190 omo + hygiene omo + hygiene variant has omo's trusted stain removal properties plus a unique fragrance with puriboost technology to give consumers a hygienic clean with every wash omo auto washing powder மாமானை hygienically clean tough stain removal omo auto liquid om omo omo buto auto washing power auto hygien bleach multi purpose washing powder oui omo auto concentrated capsules омор omo bleach omo auto tough stain removal in a quick wash less less removes lough stains floors omo capsules omo auto 3x power capsules are specifically formulated for tough stain omo bleach for multipurpose cleanin re whitens toilets cleans clothes cord fees and makro il

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