Pick n Pay Savings on Health and Beauty 2021 Catalogue - 2021/01/25-2021/02/07 (Page 4)

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et gaimave sanitizing lifebuoy smart price total 10 buy 2 for hand sanitizer dettol hand smart price any 2 for sanitizer smart price puridene waterless buy 2 for hand sanitiser assorted free protect save r29 when you swipe save r29 when you swipe save rs when you swipe sanitizing spray dettol ton alcohol puridene puridene waterless waterless hand hand sanitiser sanitiser hand hand dettol sanitizer sanitizer toto total hand van with the witam contains 70% keskel certains 70% hol omni protect sanitizing spray 120ml each tested smart price dettol win dettol antiseptic liquid assorted each your share of proven protects against 99.9% of germs your trusted partner this back to school save r15 dettol body wash assorted 600ml each save r20 when you swipe worth of pick n pay vouchers* to stand a chance of winning dettol exclusive to pick n pay dettol dettol save r3 dettol hygiene soap assorted 175g each in accordance with directions for use on lobel 50 dettol antiseptic name and business address of the holder of the certificate of dettol save r15 dettol hygiene wipes assorted 40s each saver10 dettol hygiene liquid hand wash pump assorted 200ml each lifebuoy smart price lifebuoy hygiene any 2 for soap assorted from lrabudy savers when you swipe hand sanitizer 99.99% effective against covid-19 coronavirus lifebuoy hygiene range assorted each evade lifebuoy new diwali tots santizer spray tea tree oil instantly protects non-sticky quick drying great fragrance activerer uma hand kancer conds licy pick n pay

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