Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/06/21-2021/06/27 (Page 3)

coro smart when you swipe your smart shopper card shopper buy 1 x pnp white sugar skg and get 2 x no name black tea 26s free buy any 4 x snowflake easy mix buy 4 x snowflake cake wheat flour 2.5kg and get 1x snowflake baking powder 200g free free when you swipe equals 12.50 each equals r24 each trusted when you swipe when you swipe 5kg snowflake bickney snowflake easy baking powder white easy sugar ancake nowflake pour actino snowflake r15.98 worth of easy! www easy get this r17.99 too fresh to flop jake who flour get this r25.99 too fresh to flop freebies freebie cake wheat flour freebie flaplak mir hot beverages code delicious more nescafe nescafe gold cappuccino white choc nest ricotify uno requility tea joko joko milo nescafé gold cappuccino remora nestle save r13 coder remor when you equals r29 each and coffee nescafé ricoffy decall 250g exclude equals 42.50 each powa equals r31 each save r13 energy when you when you swipe when you for swipe swipe swipe cereals creme 7509 nestle cremora coffee or tea joko tagless teabags 100s nescafe gold instant cappuccino assorted 10s nestlé milo malt energy drink 500g nestle hot chocolate 500g futurelife kellogg's trusted kellogg's all-bran no name corn flakes bokomo fros flakes kellogg's veet-bix wholegrain wheat biscuit save r17 when you swipe growin dacato domento & win saver10 equals 32.50 each kellogg's al-bran flakes 1kg crunch bran & flakes each save r6 save r11 when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe kellogg's strawberry pops froot loops 3809 no name "corn flakes the bokomo weet-bix 900g didy canderel credere! hell brow sug sucar brown white sugar melrose rale concler black cat tllovo te boe honey equals r29 each equals r35 each save r10 save r10 save r16 save r11 when you swipe when you when you swipe swipe weny when yo swipe swipe equals r6 each save r6 pop brown sugar 2kg canderel sweetener stick sachets sos when you swipe melrose cheese spreador each black cat peanut butter assorted 400g each little bee honey squeeze bottle 500g ovo syrup assorted 500g each prp jelly assorted 80g pnp white sugar 25kg epic birthday deals ultra and get 1 x jungle cereal bar assorted 409 free buy 5 x snowflake self-raising wheat flour 1kg and get 1 free clover ultra wel numel equals r30 each equals r14 each when you medium fat dairy when you swipe liquid blend fountatmek mercream och jūngle jungle snorrlab self raising oats oats self raising www wheat flou self raisin wheat flol self raising wheat flour son self raising wheat flou wheat flour wheat flour equals r22 each get this r7.99 get this r17.99 saver10 when you swipe freebie the taste of when you swipe danone ultra mel custard assorted 1 litre each clover numel long life medium fat dairy blend 6x 1 litre pick n pay

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