Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/11/25-2021/12/05

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pick n pay liquor clasex so years stock up pongrácz pongrácz eadette kadette ☆ buy now and save pongrácz save r35 when you swipe rose or noble nectar cap classique 750ml each kai kat kanonkop kadette cape blend drostdy hof adelpracht servis jameson tipl share now only diemersdal save r15 mhe more save r20 sauvignon blue when you swipe சட்ரா save r20 when you swipe when you swipe save r40 when you swipe save now kanonkop kadette cape red blend 750ml each diemersdal sauvignon blanc or unwooded chardonnay 750ml each drostdy hof adelpracht late harvest 3 litre skyy premium vodka or flavoured infusions assorted 750ml each jameson triple distilled irish whiskey 750ml danight hoek wiste wasr239 eiffer carling windhoek wabel sught windby saver45 when you swipe black label save r40 draught when you swipe save r40 carling black label returnable bottles or per case beer windhoek premium non-returnable bottles per case jägermeister herbal liqueur 750ml black label trading hours for liquor as per government regulations local restrictions on the sale of liquor may apply

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