Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/05/31-2021/06/06 (Page 4)

perfectly fresh greengrocer's • promise we guarantee great quality produce packed with taste and nutritional goodness responsibly sourced and grown with care perfectly fresh whatever it takes fresh fruit & veg 2.5kg oranges pnp citrus lemons 850g ses lemons lemons pnp soft citrus in season sweated or get greengrocer's mohe for lemon pnp citrus oranges 2.5kg carry bag pnp soft citrus half tray 1.5kg our favourite veg combo butternut 3kg 3kg 1.5kg 1kg pumpkin potatoes green peppers durer soup vegetable biggerpac better value equals r25 each equals r15 each pnp diced butternut or pumpkin 500g pnp soup mix assorted bigder pack better value ddddd morocie gem squash equals r25 each thai chillies sweet potatoes ternu srb 214 bbs 20 grocer broccoli mixed vegetable express 2kg 2kg sweet potatoes gem squash pnp chillies assorted 50g each equals r20 each pnp mixed vegetable express roasting vegetable selection cauliflower broccoli 300g italian salad bold & orso summer isp lettuce baby spinach mlda tender baby spinach med tender equals r20 each equals r15 each equals 17.50 each pnp english spinach pnp lettuce assorted pnp white mushrooms bakery goodness epic birthday deals buy 1 x pnp rectangular cake 30 x 20cm and get buy any 2 x albany superior or thick slice white bread 700g and get 1 x single tinkies free ssan beer assorterey ginger save r39 coca-cola equals r13 each high in manganese wit source " yin yt1 timkies albany sasko equals r15 each save sask superior get this r7.49 get this r14.99 freebie low gi seeded whole wheat brown bread freebie low ci oats & flavoured whi wheat whole sasko whole bumpy low gl seed loat comparsan dumo wheat lowepy white bread thick slice cod white bread pnp mini cupcakes assorted pickn pay

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