Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/04/26-2021/05/02 (Page 4)

locally sourced apples and pears save soft double up deals ono when you swipe lord seseoro fuji apples buy 2 for pnp avocado 2,4,6s golden delicious apples soft citru in seaso double up deals buy 2 for buy 3 for when you swipe buy 3 for any 2 for refrigerate rats dogo 1kg 1kg equals r17.50 each when you swipe oft citru when you 1kg swipe avocados avocados pnp golden delicious apples 1.5kg pnp starking or fujiapples 1.5kg pnp soft citrus 1kg pnp avocados 1kg value bag fresh produce baby spinach alltige equals r25 each pop soup mix assorted young spinach thai chillies any 2 for soup soup butternut vesale plus get for equals r17.50 each when you swipe מסמסם ddddd equals r20 each pnp sliced mushrooms assorted 2509 pnp chilles assorted 50g each pnp croutons assorted 1009 pnp swiss chard 300g english spinach or young spinach 2009 mix and match for the best price 1kg broccoli new butternut every day pnp soft squashor baby mixed letale express rockey salad baby potatoes celery plus get equals equals r12 50 each r20 each pop mixed vegetable verabsor vectable selection for equals r15 each pnp lettuce assorted barra nown pnp green pepper baby potatoes the the becamery soog baby potatoes pep butternut or search fresh bakery baked daily sasko in het area sasko buy 3 for save r3 when you swipe when you swipe save r5 when you swipe pnp brown bread 6009 equals r6.66 each when you when you swipe pnp white bread 6009 sasko low gi whole wheat brown bread b00g pap mini french lost 2009 coca cola buy 2 for both for save r6 when you swipe save r24 save r11 equals r7 each when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe swipe pnp garlic rolls 45 pop pies assorted excludes ante or stoney ginger pnp 2-layer black forest cake pnp swiss roll pop copenhagen picknpay smart shopper simply swipe "save pickn pay earn cash every time you swipe and bir exclusive to smart shoppers

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