Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2022/01/24-2022/02/08 (Page 2)

perfectly fresh from our trusted farmers to the heart of of ready-to-eat fruit is bursting with flavour fresh fruit & veg salad shop - mix and match sweet peppupasta salad potato pick play salad shop equals 16.66 each when you swipe no name mango pnp selected salads pnp green beans buy any 3 of the same or mix and match brtesan val ville butternut pumpkin pnp four seasons salad 2009 pnp balsamic salad dressing 100g butternut pnp croutons chickpea 100g equals 16.66 each equals 16.66 each pnp cauliflower broccoli or caul broc pnp soft squash selection assorted pnp diced pumpkin or butternut 500g basted vegetable seeds olive dust ahemp sal wwel snack beetroot blueberry snack pnp summer crisp lettuce 150g pnp roasted vegetable medley 250g pnp seeds pumpkin olive & hemp hearts star tre snack wel hutternut snack pnp stir fry spinach 400g honey & ginger soy sauce 100ml and stir fry noodles 2509 horated save from each pnp fresh herbs assorted 20g pnp sugar snap peas 909 peded baby carrots 150g or veggie snack assorted 6dg pnp baby leaf salad 120g pnp tomato medley 300g pnp sprouts crunchy mix 150g bakery goodness from each vitalitus both save sourctor catalin wowy white hotdog rolls buy any 2 of the same or mix and match white hotdog hoti rolls rol white hamburger pnp white hamburger buns or hotdog rolls 6s white hamburger buns white hamburger pnp mik tart 20cm and madeira loaf 300g pnp mini party cupcakes assorted 9s buns buns sasko crispy lows bats home flavoured wira when you swipe sasko white dumpy honey & oats bread low gl seed loafor dumoy wholewheat low gi 800g bread each equals r2 each pnp crispy roll pnp pies assorted pnp dessert topped buns 6s pnp rectangular cake assorted 30 x 20cm each as seen on ooo von potatoes omons any 8 or locked price any 8 or locked price low lock pick n pay dessert peaches or plums pre-pack seedless grapes assorted song pineapple pre-pack mango pre-pack! me granados 500g or lemons 850g gern squash2kg bulk green peppers 800g butternut 25kgor no name potatoes 2kg butternus bolash