Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/04/23-2021/05/09 (Page 3)

bath and oral care colgate frasines brushing sanex palmolive keeps skin at its healthiest wilson sanex colgate max fresh colgate demo protector bir palmolive naturals balanced & mild olistan both for plax icy cooline mosh saver17 save r23 save r2 when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe colgate max fresh toothpaste 75ml and plax icy cool mint mouthwash sanex shower gel assorted 500ml each palmolive naturals soap assorted 150g each from colgate new colgate toothbrushes assorted each colgate colgate colgate colgate plax icy cool health optic white or pro sensitive relief ox mouthwash 500ml each extra hemp seed oil charcoal our 1st recyclable tube aloe vera watening quincare colgate plax ke cool het colgate free gratuit colgate bale value pack white save r13 colgate with hemp seed aloe vera toothpaste 75ml each "after 4 weeks of continuous use protex save r24 both saver10 colgate total progum health advanced or charcoal toothpaste 75ml each free 150 ml palmolive new rew naturals protex protex liquid hand soap 300ml and body wash 500ml assorted colgate total" gun health ultra moisturisation una vracant protex 50g more fresh 100ml family size protex palmolive shower gel assorted 500ml each save r5 protex soap assorted 200g each pick n pay

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