Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/03/15-2021/03/22 (Page 7)

hart hart hart when you swipe save r100 hart dort smartpower 10k mah powerbank charges device 2 to 3 times when you swipe j7 10-piece cookware set 5kg value warranty pack buy 2 for buy 2 for fienlighters *** arka rikette снага brikette bic value pack save r100 equals r60 each when you swipe firelighters equals r35 each when you swipe when you swipe power for more interes pre-cut cubes bic firelighters 48-piece charka briquettes 5kg aim pet mobile tuna novu 1.5kg husky data bundle purchase of r10+ to unlock value every month nokia yeatlover chicken beeno rollies husky anytime data bobtail yeatlovers turkey tuna 1gb 1gb 1gb 12 months valid for 7 days 3 months valid for 7 days valid for 7 days nel vitarite husky yeatlovere chicken catmor beeno mtn husky teatlovers mini bones adult flavour whiskas save r200 r38 || r30 r30 ||r85 when you swipe save r42 save r12 when you when you swipe equals r19 each swipe equals r7.50 each mtn equals r21.25 each husky dog food assorted dual bobtail dry dog food catmor dry cat food west's beeno dog treats assorted 120g whiskas cat food in jelly assorted 85g pouch nokia c1 16gb 5mp rear and front cameras 5.45' display 2500mah battery liquor litre exclusive pick n pay pick n pay liquor litre sale of liquor subject to legislation son wellington vo brandy when you swipe the wolftrat robertson winery equals r74.50 each millstream castle lite 6 x 500ml cans sweet rose wellington dep brandy gestreet ran fitch & leedes any 4 for cruz was reo was r40 vintage blach vodka save r5 save r15 save r10 the wolftrap red white or rosé each equals r43.75 each when you swipe save r5 robertson winery assorted 1 litre each lite when you swipe when you swipe millstream sauvignon blanc cabernet or rose 750ml eoch or white 3 litre each save r10 cruz vodka assorted 750ml each fitch & leedes mixer cans assorted 6 x 200ml local restrictions on the sale of liquor may apply download the bottles by pick n pay app to get your groceries delivered today warm at home our store to your door now bottles pick n pay get it on google play download on the app store pick n pay

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