Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/06/14-2021/06/20 (Page 5)

smart when you swipe your smart shopper card shopper buy any 2 x pnp large frozen pizza assorted carbonated soft drink assorted 2 litre free buy 3 x dairymaid king cone ice cream 125ml and get 1 free any buy 1x pnp rectangular cake assorted 30 x 20cm and get 1 x coca-cola ginger beer carbonated soft drink assorted buy x 2 danone danup assorted 450g and get 1x mayo drinking yoghurt 250g free save r40 litre equals r30 each litre equals r12 each equals r11 each when you swipe trustee when you swipe when you swipe coca-cola mayo sort on drnup danup blend mutig get this r13 freebie get this r15.99 freebie aan get this r16 freebie cream flavoured get this r8.99 freebie banana flavoured chilled 2kg 1kg 1kg parmalat mes low fat strawberry yoghurt uch mooi river flora parmalat spread for bread rama inkomazi parmak full cream savers danone inkomazi rich and creamy full fat save r18 save r6 save rs when you swipe equals r14 each mais ang when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe pnp low fator fat free yoghurt assorted 1kg each parmalat or yumchums medium fat yoghurt assorted clover mooi river choice salted butter 500g brick flora fat spread assorted soog tub each rama low fat spread for bread 1kg tub deli & cheese eskort per 100g enterprise per 100g pnp butchery beef sliced kiosk biltong shoulder bacon save r6 pnp marinated chicken leg quarters assorted eskort viennas when you swipe equals 24.99 each shoulder bacon when you swipe enterprise viennas eskort shoulder bacon 2009 feta plan dairy parmalat cheddare save r11 parmalat sure seal per 100g cheddar or gouda cheese medium fat dream cheese plan saver10 pnp natural oak smoked cranberry or wensleydale ginger & mango cheese 200g each when you swipe when you swipe clover feta assorted 400g each pnp cream cheese assorted 175g each frozen band imply sea harvest chers oven crisp frozen beef lasagne steers deep water hare when you swipe prime medallions steers save r40 save r22 when you save r21 when you swipe when you swipe swipe rainbow simply chicken frozen chicken famous brands steers burger patties 600g sea harvest oven crisp assorted 400g each 18.jprime medallions assorted 450g each equals r30 each when you swipe ddddd 1kg 1kg natures garden natures garden ameriyle mccain mix chicken a la king tomato & mozzarella pasta or chicken curry 320g litre ofresh bobb it qp mccain country crop save r16 french when you swipe equals r28 each when you swipe save r8 mccain stir tir fry assorted 700g each save rs mccain country crop 1kg save r20 dairymaid country fresh ice cream pnp frozen pies assorted 4s each nature's garden slap chips or american-style fries 1kg assorted 2 litre each pick n pay

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