Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/03/08-2021/03/14 (Page 6)

2kg brilliant color any 4 for trusted basinge en purity litre & arie smart real cash back equals to r9.75 each when you pur swipe purity butternut & mielle pasta vegetables beef purity 2nd foods assorted aut ult ultra thick thick bleac the card that gives you both loate value pack any 3 for colgate colgate smart save r9 triple shopper saver10 when you swipe igate when you swipe doariel equals to r20 each when you swipe colgate triple action toothpaste 2 x 100ml value pack or 1.1 litre concentrated liquid detergent or capsules 14s assorted each pnp ultra efficient thick bleach assorted 750ml purity purity save r6 johnson's cotton touch or gentle all over baby wipes 72s each johnson's saver4 kotex maxi pads pantyliners 20s each cream of maize baby's soft porridge cream of matze baby's soft porridge ko-ex young maxi equals to r15 each purity cream of maize baby's soft porridge assorted 400g ko+ex fyrir strawberry total de ragrance jolmon's activ silver formula trusted lifebuoy compral stro pantene aleo prov pantene qanday herbal pro savlon antiseptic moisture save r4 when you save r5 save r5 when you swipe when you калинин ранне save r16 when you swipe gharr swipe swipe equals to r40 each pantene shampoo or conditioner assorted 200ml pnp facial tissues assorted 180s each lifebuoy hygiene soap assorted 175g each compral pain tablets 24s johnson & johnson savion antiseptic liquid 750ml ready to use new great refill great de refill valle refill great value refill drone sunlight star soi handy andy sis con sunlight sunlig cream lemon fresh save r4 saver2 when you swipe wou save r5 when you swipe sunlight laundry bar assorted sta-soft concentated fabric softener equals to r18.50 each sunlight regular liquid 7om refill ar dishwashing handy andy all purpose cream cleaner assorted 750ml refill each litre litre dinu free plush heavy duty trusted scotch name refuse bags suructed supreme pine gel all purpose game buite heavy duty thin free collection savers save r5 save r7 savers when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe when you swipe no.35 scourers plush supreme pine gel all purpose cleaner assorted 1 litre each no namethin bleach assorted 1.5 litre each dinu everyday collection plain white roller towel 2s no name perforated refuse bags 20s each help us prevent the spread of covid-19 let's work together by ensuring that we do our bit to stay safe thank you for helping us create a hygienic environment where you can shop safely wear a mask at all times sanitise your trolley or basket and your hands before entering the store keep a 1.5 meters distance from other customers and staff pick n pay

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