Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/09/22-2021/10/10 (Page 4)

bikes smart shopper deals the decade sure when you swipe equals r27 each clover krush 100% fruit juice blend 1.5 litre or tropika flavoured dairy fruit mix 2 litre assorted when you swipe nu ride nu ri save r27 nu rid bar med cheddar or gouda cheese 850g each beplastic bag to avoid da nu rido bdover parmalat any3 ropika nu rida clover krush when you swipe equals r14 each danone nutriday medium fat smooth yoghurt assorted berries 100% fruit juice blend pineapple ured dairy fruitmx hoa granaron lopu chilled deli rama & mooi river dney butchery woods shoulder bacon original bod flora rama ulin original clover springbok unsalted or mooi river choice salted butter 500g brick each flora regular or light fat spread tkg each sow friendly pork when you swipe when you swipe original bac cole pnp back or shoulder bacon 200g each no name french polony 1kg when you swipe pnp full cream maas 2kg equals 19.33 each when you swipe rama original fat spread sõ0g brick fruits forest eskort nuloid nas vaca selected stores gold medal pork sausages simply grade 1519 classic chicken smoked viennas with equals r10 each when you swipe pnp flavoured dairy snack equals r 24 each when you swipe clover fruits of the forest or classic smooth low fat dairy snack assorted 1kg when you swipe rainbow simply chicken viennas assorted 1kg each when you swipe eskort gold medal pork sausages 7509 nulaid large eggs 30s cheese pnp livewell cheden flared den dip fairview livewell balsamic lonion when you swipe camembert pnp creamy dip assorted 175g each galbani dan dairy promes medium fat fetacheese gouda flavored full dream possed den dairy full fat mature cheddar mozzarello cheese nepregrated lancewood medium fat cream cher plain when you swipe when you swipe plain when you swipe mouse equals r20 each clover processed cheese slices assorted 1809 when you swipe pnp feta cheese assorted 400g each when you swipe fairview ripe and ready camembert or brie 125g each lancewood cream cheese assorted 2309 each galbani mozzarella 300g pnp mature cheddar decadent yoghurt bclover clover any2 bloss தமன bliss save double cream bliss bliss strawberries & cream choc chip dhocolate flavoure legean yoghurt without lemon meringue clover bliss double cream shop switch points for cash at the till and spend instantly exclusive to smart shoppers pick n pay

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