Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2020/07/20-2020/08/02 (Page 3)

mamal imbay also patry viviyatiyiyiyayans more eid offers to take home pick play pick n pay smart price any 2 for tataya pick n pay and swipe "save noname corn flakes 2kg trusted since 57 brown smart price fattis & monis smart price save r7 when you swipe sugar buy 3 for macaroni smart shopper fatti's & moni's macaronior spaghetti 500g save r7 when you swipe save r29 when you swipe smart dde shopper fattis & monis shopper ddddd spaghetti no name corn flakes 1kg pnp brown sugar 2kg nescafe dick rhodes wholewheat crispbread maizena fruit salad apricot jam glen cornflour peach slices fruit cocktail are the first montese good sasko orained 245 drainer 2501 selfrasind saver7 glen tagless teabags 100s save r5 nescafé ricoffy 750g save r13 bakers provita assorted 500g each save r4 sasko self-raising wheat flour 1kg saver10 maizena cornflour 500g refill save r7 rhodes superfine apricot jam 900g save r2 pnp peach slices or each save r6 pnp fruit cocktail or salad in syrup 420g each selected stores southern coating prespici prc tastemecea saffron gold puercero exta special chilli powder extra special tumeric veri pert hq foods bbq sauce powder while cance of chine save r2 osman's taj mahal curry powder assorted 100g each save r3 osman's taj mahal turmeric powder 100g saver2 osman's taj mahal breyani save r3 hinds southern coating assorted 200g each osman's taj mahal biryani pack 5509 savers all joy veri peri sauce assorted 250ml each saver2 hq foods sauce assorted 500ml each saver1 taste mecca gold saffron panco chilli bite mix swest save r34 parco saver24 save r16 parco mango masala chopped4003 curry powder parco வெள்ளி parco pakco pickle assorted pakco atchar assorted mango atchar rajah curry powder assorted save r4 pakco curry powder assorted 100g each save r6 pakco chilli bite mix 2509 save r13 peppadew piquanté peppers assorted 400g each curried chilli pickle 1kg 2.5kg 2.5kg litre brown pnp save r27 save r32 pick n pay sikiayayayaman zyata basmati long grain poe rice basmati rice llence probleno white sugar trusted since 673 sasko since sunflower oil cake wheat flou save r4 pnp white sugar 2.5kg save r6 sasko cake wheat flour saver24 pnp sunflower oil 2 litre 2.5kg long grain basmati rice 1kg each

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