Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2020/09/24-2020/10/04 (Page 2)

smart price smart price smart price besti is our save r30 when you swipe save r10 when you swipe seart onder viceroy 5-year-old brandy 750ml shopper southern comfort original or lime liqueur 750ml each beam smart price smart price olmeca swipe and save southern comfort tequila blanco kentucky straight viceroy original save r40 bourbon when you swipe whiskey save r35 when you swipe sma jim beam kentucky straight bourbon whiskey 750ml olmeca tequila assorted was r199 was r389 was r479 save r20 grant's triple wood blended scotch whisky 750ml saver 40 johnnie walker black label blended scotch whisky 750ml save r80 glenfiddich 12-year-old special reserve single malt scotch whisky 750ml ctar scottish leader schwegoes bain's natural sgow string plus get this free jameson try with double dutch indian tonic dutch caskmates glenfiddich finish tonic ipar was r379 now only slack label grants now only barr insan ats soler taste exclusive pick n pay save r58 buy scottish leader original blended scotch whisky and get a schweppes mixer save r78 buy bain's cape mountain whisky 750ml and get pnp natural still or sparkling spring water 1.5 litre free save r40 jameson ipa triple distilled irish whiskey 750ml and double dutch indian tonic water 4 x 200ml non-returnable bottles was r339 was r215 litre was r159 ca-cola save r20 bisquit classique vs cognac 750ml bull any 4 for energ save r20 kwv 3-year-old brandy 750ml kwv save r45 buy red heart original carribean rum 750ml and get a coca-cola - less sugar original taste carbonated soft drink 1 litre non-returnable bottle free red heart schwer was r59.99 opiginal three bisquit plus cognac saver stoney ginger beer or schweppes assorted carbonated soft drink assorted save r10 red bull energy drink get this free was r143 buy both for buy both for new litre absolut vodka assorted 750ml and double dutch mixer assorted 4x200ml non-returnable bottles save r80 aperol aperitif 750ml and cinzano pro-spritz 750ml save r25 allesverloren fine old vintage 750ml russian bear absolut vodka creedted the way + the lower aperol sedgwick cologne was rbd was r139 wasros old brow since 1910 alternate dutch indian tonic cinzano saver10 russian bear vodka assorted 750ml each save r7 arniston bay infusion assorted 750ml each save r10 sedgwick's the original old brown 1 litre

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