Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/11/29-2021/12/05 (Page 12)

10% extra free* now that's christmas dhe sessa original seit gestion simba roarrr.si smoked 10% extra free* reef pur ad beef avoured tato chips cadbury bournville wholenut dairy milk classic dark chocolate choice assorted 10% extra free* biscuit range all your favourite favourites simba roarrrs chutney flavour original chutne flavoured potato chip when you swipe when you swipe equals 11.66 each simba potato chips assorted 1329 when you swipe equals 23.50 each cadbury dairy milk bubbly or limited edition chocolate slab assorte saver35 bakers choice assorted biscuit range 1kg sweets and treats lle lunchba ona so ferrero rocher orange intense extra creamy she william silly williams words in money nougat tei equals r10 each when you swipe dark chocolati mekoordate coated nouga joous max or lunch bar chos when you swipe lindt milk chocolate bear assorted 100g each equals r 40 each when you swipe lindt excellence milk or dark chocolate slab assorted 100g when you swipe ferrero rocher chocolate hazelnut truffles 2009 equals rss each when you swipe sally williams nougat assorted 2kg maynards tennis ker choc-kits classic cha timkies fruit half half jubes tennis choice assorted romary biscuit range any 2 tinkies classic strawberry tingle equals r16 each when you swpe beacon maynards chews 125g or beacon liquorice allsorts 150g equals r16 each when you swipe bakers tennis biscuits assorted when you swipe equals r24 each when you swipe bakers romany creams or choc-kits assorted 2009 per equals 31.49 each bakers choice assorted biscuit range 2kg assorted albany tinkies assorted 6s trusted asted alted safari fruitree fruitret fruitree roasted & salted seedless raisins fani spar letta fruitree fruitree fruitneem stoney louilo twist equals 13.50 each equals r25 each equals r18 each equals 42.50 each when you swipe pnp roasted & salted peanuts or peanuts & raisins when you swipe equals r18 each when you swipe ginger beer of sprite carbonated soft drink assorted safari seedless raisins fruitree fruit nectar blend assorted liqui fruit 100% fruit juice blend assorted sparletta or schweppes flavoured carbonated soft drink assorted 2 litre buy and standa chance to mini cooper cars buy and of 50 wine cooler fridgees play play feel full fullan bonagua pump bonaqua pump eso espoo new zero sugar agrave panadim tropical equals r10 each equals r30 each equals r7 each power play energy drink assorted brookes oros squash assorted flavours pura kids infused flavoured drink assorted 6 x 200ml fusion dairy blend concentrate assorted 1 litre equals r50 each when you swipe bonaqua still water assorted 6x 750ml sho backy exclusive to smart shoppers pick n pay

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