Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2021/05/24-2021/06/06 (Page 3)

get incredible + freebies with these birthday deals buy fish eagle brandy 750ml and get a pnp natural still or sparkling spring water buy makers mark kentucky straight bourbon whisky 750ml and get schweppes soda water or ginger ale buy monkey shoulder blended malt scotch whisky 750ml and geta stoney ginger beer 1 litre free buy jameson caskmates or ipa irish whiskey 750 ml and get 1x double dutch mixer or tonic assorted save r39 save r89 when you swipe saver113 when you swipe save r85 when you swipe when you swipe stoney dutch tonic jameson natural schweppel spring monkey shoulde caskmates get this r9.99 freebie maker's mark get this r16.99 freebie get this r15.49 freebie get this r59.99 freebie fish eagle வா buy toki suntory whisky 750ml and get a schweppes soda water or ginger ale 1 litre free buy captain morgan original spiced gold land get coca-cola 1 litre free buy captain morgan black label rum 750ml and get coca-cola buy russian bear triple distilled energy fusion 750ml schweppes lemonade save r34 save r44 saver21 saver83 when you swipe when you when you swipe swipe when you swipe russian bear captain morgan suntory whisky toki schweppes in qm skud schwengeres get this r16.99 get this r14.99 freebie get this r14.99 freebie get this r16.99 freebie qamaicaron was 440.sg was ges new save r40 johnnie walker black label blended scotch whisky 750ml saver25 when you swipe saver100 the glenlivet 15-year old single malt scotch whisky 750ml save r20 kwv 5-year-old brandy 750ml save r50 bisquit & dubouche equalsrxo each when you swipe exclusive pick n pay when you swipe viceroy smooth gold aerstone 10-year-old land or sea cask single malt whisky 750ml each richelieu international brandy aerstone richelius richelios 750m slack label the glenlivet kwv land can vio broy viceroy five soute dubouche both for saverso ciroc vodka assorted 750ml each save r30 cointreau liqueur save r30 when you swipe when you swipe save r49 when you swipe equals 37.50 each when you swipe wild africa cream liqueur 1 litre ciroc strawberry lips and tant sannie se mek tert cream liqueur amarula cream amaruia sedgwicks the original old brown vodka wild africa otras lips sedgwick sedgwick old brown cointreau old brown sec local restrictions on the sale of liquor may apply

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