Pick n Pay Catalogue - 2020/02/24-2020/03/08 (Page 15)

pickn pay hypermarket pick n pay liquor was r319 was robs was r149 was r449 saver30 haig club clubman single grain saver 40 morey shoulder blended molt scotch whisky 750ml scotch whik 750w saver10 fustwatch imported whisky 250m assəl =famous fgrouse haig club firstwatch save r30 glenfiddich 12-year-old single malt scotch whisky monkey shoulder whisky vsop was r349 vas regat was r219 was r679 hennessy save r50 chivas regal 12-yearold bended scotch whisky 750ml save r20 scotch wneu 750ml euse blended saverso hennessy vsop cognac was r199 was r124 was r139 glenfiddich single malt icotch whisky save r20 belgravia london dryin assorted 750ml each save rs podstere vodka assorted saver10 welington v brandy sky vodka yed squari belgravia capetorio sedies london jagermeister gin wellington african harus cream was r249 was r229 was r129 brandy now saver20 jezermeister herbal liqueur saver10 skyy vodia or infusions saver10 polo cane spirit african secret marula was r259 save r30 conqueray imported london dry strong smirnice smirnoff apple ci storm strongbow save r50 apple ciders save r40 tanqueray imported red bell red barries serongbow oder assorted line smirnoff storm pine or berry twist 6x440ml cang wrons pick n pay bottled wines & get the cheapest stella artois lute was r319 taf was r239 was r289 below tafric save r50 castle lite 2x soomi cans save r40 free save r50 mix wasr95 was r775 and litre match litre rg5 save r20 smart price saver10 pnp johannesberger semi-sweet sten rose harvestor on white pnpory redor johansberger red lire each cellar cask cellar cask each dry white pad now smooth dry red and swipe cellar cask crisp dry white or smooth dry red johannesberger white wine johannesberger red wine mported ote africa &x30 germany excludes fortified wines the best place to shop when you want to buy a lot pick n pay hypermarket

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