Shoprite Catalogue - 2020/10/23-2020/11/08 (Page 4)

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price easy ways to get your medication from medirite product adco-dol tablets allergex syrup benylin 4 flu syrup quick & easy collection quick collect codoxol tablets ibumax cold and flu inflamax syrup our quick collect service allows you to call your pharmacy and place your order your pharmacist will send you a payment link follow the link and make your payment online with any payments or card machines mybucod tablets mylocort ointment nazovin adult metered spray neurobion tablets paid for by joining the normal queue omiflux 20mg capsules rinex paediatric syrup pre-order repeat meds on your phone prepmy script sinuclear capsules sinutab sinus pain texa tablets hand in your script at any of our medirite pharmacies nationwide select your medication receive an sms with a link to pre-order your medication collect in-store fill prescriptions while you shop fill you script shop while you preparing your medication while you shop conveniently collect your medication when you leave the store for medirite customers outside the supermarket during covid-19 allergex eye drops pectrolyte suspension conveniently located inside medirite+ shoprite pharmacy

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