Shoprite Catalogue - 2021/06/24-2021/07/18 (Page 6)

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hisense e50 lite nokia 2.4 wolverine smartphone 4g lte smartphone 4g lte carrey display display vodacom vodacom battery battery 13mp & 2mp + 8mp camera 8mp + 2mp & 5mp camera android android 3gb 2gb dual sim dual sim only only nokia huawei y6s smartphone 4g lte samsung galaxy smartphone 4g lte comedy cell display display vodacom battery battery 13mp + 8mp camera 48mp + 5mp + 2mp + 2mp back camera & 8mp selfie camera camera android android rom 32gb 3gb 4gb dual sim dual sim save r100 only huawei deposit cash new • safe and secure • no hidden charges onto your bank card at any till bidvest discovery bank fnb grobank deposits up to r3 000 visa mastercard investec nedbank sastin standard bank tyme bank

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