SPAR Catalogue - 2021/07/12-2021/07/25 (Page 4)

my butcher's choice serving suggestion serving suggestion spar marinated chicken thigh kebabs select spart tender tasty arabella chenin blanc or chardonnay spar select oukrans boerewors county fair fresh chicken drum & thigh per kg arabella smoked pork eisbein spar select bulk rump steak tender and tasty skewered chicken wings county fair fresh chicken braal pack per kg my fresh choice namaqua cabernet pinotage or shiraz serving suggestion serving suggestion freshline soup mixes serving suggestion freshline potatoes freshline avocado value pack assorted naman per pack freshline bananas freshline stew mix assorted freshline or sweet potato freshline per pack freshline darling cellers or merlot darling cillars my baker's choice tgif serving suggestion choco chino rusks chocolate mousse cake namaqua albany freshline luxury rusks freshline mini cupcakes assorted 6's albany everyday white bread iday? ouma brood bread smooth namaqua dry red or johannisberger bes my deli choice red serving suggestion spar french polony deli clous per 100g freshline delicious filled rolls 1's elim sandwich ham deli vous #nawarelor per 100g britos smoked viennas elim coarse or fine llver spread freshline deliclous subs not for persons under the age of 18 per 100g no wine or pork is sold in our halaal stores

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