SPAR Catalogue - 2021/05/11-2021/05/23 (Page 3)

spar rewards win a car buy any participating swipe your to winning win a car product spar rewards card every participating product you buy gets you another entry to win! huyce royca royco soup soup soup win all gold tomato & onion mix gap tomato onion min ion mi buy 2 for buy any 3 for lays buy any 3 for lays knorr cup a soup royco packet soup pic buy me to enter multi-buy get buy as seen on coca cola zero me to coca cola light enter coca cola no sugar no caffeine fanta orange zero sprite zero monster stoney ginger beer zero energy drink or tab assorted tønst10note buy any 2 for buy any 2 for lay's potato chips rewards customers pay ry off polano polana macaroni or spaghetti no suca cca-cocca-cola as seen on buy any 2 for buy me to enter as seen on buy me to enter buy any 3 for crinkle dhtarda cut” crinkle bakers blue label marie biscuits cut cornetto cornetto vee agtated ps duo to you lunch bar max buy any 2 for ola buy any 2 for cornetto ice cream clover buy any 2 for classic smooth low fat yoghurt willards buy any 2 for crinkle cut potato chips cadbury lunch bar max as seen on purity puri 2nd foods purity buy any 2 for shield anti-perspirant roll-on for men and women buy any 2 for buy me to enter dettol hygiene soap buy any 3 for colgate max protect herbal white winterfresh gel or herbal toothpaste colgate buy any 2 for colgate sorte always maxi sanitary pads plus spar clean it all purpose cleaner and spar dishwash-it buy both for buy me to alias enter always scented or unscented buy both for gift barrel plus handle mop buy both for wash clear always superspar

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